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Kristina Mačianskytė, Eurocrickets

"The open nature of the discussions and the seamless communication between all participants is appreciable. The WhatsApp group has proven to be highly beneficial, fostering a sense of community and transparency that enhances our collaborative efforts."


Read our Review of 2023!
We are very proud of all we have achieved and how the sector is growing.  Looks like 2024 will be even better!

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The UK Edible Insect Association is the leading trade association for the edible insect industry in the UK, serving insect farmers, food product developers, retailers, researchers and interested individuals.


We envision a future where insects are an established ingredient in a balanced, nutritious diet, insect farming is widespread, converting organic waste into wealth, and enterprises across the UK sector grow and thrive.


  • Secure regulatory compliance for our members

  • Access to industry led community

  • Member exclusive events, retail opportunities and promotion

  • Sector representation ensuring policy and legislation serves your business' needs

Why insects?

Edible insects can be farmed at many different scales but always with a very small footprint. The most sustainable options involve finding suitable, locally produced organic by-products and residual heat from other processes. This can open up new revenue generating opportunities for farmers and others in the food supply chain.

Our data suggest that companies in the sector generated more than £6m from March 2018 to March 2021.

UK consumers could buy 18 different insects prior to 2018 – Government Regulations and BREXIT have massively impacted on this but our lobbying has led to Parliament passing legislation that allows for 7 insect species to be legally sold.


Our projections based on existing trends suggest that, by 2025 UK edible insect companies could have generated over £112m.


to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that insect protein will play a fundamental role in achieving global sustainable development. As an organisation, we have identified 5 of the UN Sustainable Development key goals with which our strategy and vision are aligned.

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