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Grub’s up as bugs stay on the menu for the UK, thanks to the Novel Food Club

Press Release: The UK Edible Insect Association is waiting with baited breath to see whether insects can still be eaten in Britain, after submitting four applications to the Government food safety authority asking for insect protein to be recognised as a novel food. 

Following Brexit, UKEIA - currently the only trade organisation in the UK that represents businesses trading in insect protein - created a working group known as the ‘Novel Food Club’ to lobby the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to secure Parliament approval for a transitional arrangement to allow the trading of edible insect products throughout 2023. 

Now, in Spring 2024, as a result of financial backing from the Novel Food Club, UKEIA has submitted four official applications, ensuring that the sale of house crickets, banded crickets, mealworms and Black Soldier Fly larvae can legally continue in Great Britain. Dr Geoffrey Knott, Director of UKEIA, worked in collaboration with the Belgian Insect Industry Federation (BIIF) to prepare two dossiers, a third - for the banded crickets - was submitted by Novel Food Club member Monkfield Nutrition, and a fourth - for BSFL - was submitted by UKEIA member BetterOrigins.

Press Release - Grub’s up as bugs remain on the menu for farms, pets and people in the UK
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