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As an organisation we represent a number of businesses in the industry, spanning farm-to-fork. 

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We are in the process of updating our list of members. Please bear with us as we do this.

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Our core values include Environmental and Social Wellbeing, Sustainability and Growth! We are committed to upholding our promise of using only gluten free and organic substrates throughout our many varied applications of our mealworms and their by-products. In doing so, in collaboration with like-minded businesses, we aim to provide UK markets with alternative sources of protein and its derivatives.

- Emma and Mike, ENTO. U.P.


HOP® — transforming nutrition with cricket protein bars. We’re a UK start-up revolutionising snacking with sustainable cricket protein bars. Our delicious bars provide a high-quality protein source while minimising environmental impact. Ethically sourced from eco-friendly farms, our bars fuel your body and promote a more sustainable food system. Join us in embracing a healthier, greener future with HOP®.

Contact Geoff to find out more


UK Food and Drink Market is a very innovative marketplace, therefore innovative food businesses and food Artisans, would benefit from having experience and a strong entry into the market, with knowledge of the consumer trends, focus on well-being and sustainable food supplies.

Our goal is to select a number of food artisans and provide retail launch pad space for their products and seek ways to make them better and ready for retail with scaled-up production.

For our supply chain and customers, we look for the highest quality products, ensuring the wholesomeness and authenticity of these products to retail in our UK shops or to be exported.

For more information about us, visit

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Neil Lyndon was a journalist and writer for 50 years before retiring to the Fife countryside to look after his garden and keep bees. In 2020 he won an award from the Scottish Beekeeping Association for his column in their magazine about becoming a beekeeper . A collection of those columns will appear as a book shortly, under the title "How Not to Become a Beekeeper".


Keeping bees led Neil to an interest in Entomophagy. He is now exploring the possibility of farming BSF for the pet food industry.

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