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Grow Your Vision With Us


Just like any newly emerging and exciting market, navigating the world of entomophagy as a UK business can be challenging. That's why we are building a community of like-minded edible insect enthusiasts who are ready to support and learn from each other.

Our services reflect the needs and musts of our members' first and foremost.

We tailor our services across a range of members’ needs, whether you're an experienced or looking at starting out in farming, at an R&D stage with your product, studying at an Undergraduate or Postgraduate level or working within policy - we can help you.

We are seeing an increase in edible insect farms being set up in the UK, approximately ten different edible insect farming operations in the UK alone with Monkfield and Instar farming being the most established. We see a bright future for edible insect consumption in the UK. 

Join us in our edible insect revolution!


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  • Network

  • Mutual support

  • Answers to your questions

  • Sector promotion

  • Farming best practices

  • Reduce costs

  • Repository of academic articles

  • Special Interest Groups

  • Policy landscape

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